Superpower to write

You know what is beautiful about writing? With a pen, paper and a tremendous talent, it allows you to create a whole new world. You can write a Titanic movie out of it, or Gravity, or Harry Potter or Jurassic park. Just imagine, sitting in your bench alone, thinking and you can perceive a hell lot of amazing things. An incredible scripted novel and the whole world gets mad after it. So clean and powerful. Greatly written speeches can win you elections. Greatly written songs can melt your heart. Greatly written constitution can guide a whole damn country! Greatly written … Continue reading Superpower to write

Most memorable two months of my college life up till now

  In my last post, I shared my memories of my first ‘job’ day, and why it was so special for me. In this post, I would like to briefly summarize my whole internship experience, all the highs and lows … Continue reading Most memorable two months of my college life up till now

Days of Despair

In our lives, we are affected by so many things. Excessive workload, some negative things that people say, some negative things we said to someone, bad grades, bad relationships and what not. Remember those days when you spent the whole day watching some tv series or movies because you don’t feel like working? But on the flip side, there are many days when we are elated. Sometimes even without any visible reason, these mood swings happen. Like when you wake up one day and you feel so fresh and energetic to work. You feel as if you can even break … Continue reading Days of Despair

Beautiful you

It’s 1:04 at night. I am not feeling sleepy at all. So I opened Facebook to check my wall and I saw bundle of friends recommendations. Most of them were of girls, posting their best face and pose for their Profile Picture. And a thought rushed my mind. Scientifically, it’s so strange why we give huge importance to the face against other things about the person. Skin is just a thin layer over the extremely complex body. How often we outweigh skin of a person against his character, consciousness, mentality. We overlook the kind of values his hold, which is … Continue reading Beautiful you

The futility of life

My father’s brother is a doctor. In India, we call such a relation ‘tauji’ with respect. Tauji is a doctor and very wealthy in comparison to the ‘normal’ people of the city. I aspire him. I aspire his helping nature, he always extends his hands to the family, relatives, friends, friends of friends and for everyone he can relate to. I admire that quality of his. Also, I admire his hardworking nature. He works all day long, whenever he is asked to. He is currently working in three hospitals. Our families meet each other quite frequently. Though my family isn’t … Continue reading The futility of life

Me and Bee

Hello there, I am writing a short story for the first time. Please judge it with that point in mind. Just kidding, but just don’t get angry if I bore you. So, without any ado, here it is – ******************************** Me and Bee – It was a regular night in the hostel. I and my friend satyaveer were YouTubing AIB videos. Suddenly a big honey bee came into our room. You know what? no matter how old we get, there are some things that always scare the shit out of us and a honey bee is one of them for … Continue reading Me and Bee

The Saturdays

Saturdays is a special day for all of us. We all have heard of phrases like “Saturday night” when it comes to dancing or music. For me, Saturdays are the days when I am out of control. You know, after working hard for whole 5 days of the week, I feel that finally, I can cover up the lagging academic courses over the weekend. But then the Shrewd Saturday knocks in!   From rising late in the morning to sleeping late in the night, the whole day is spent in listening to music or watching videos or playing outside etc… … Continue reading The Saturdays

Time indeed is money!

Hello everyone so today I was watching few TEDX videos and they were kind of philosophical. I was pondering over it and sooner, so many interesting thoughts came to my mind that I feel to share it with all of you. So, let’s make an observation. I bought a keypad phone long ago. Today, it will cost even less than a thousand rupees. When I bought it, my only purpose was to call, message and alarm. It was of course not a smartphone and it had no camera or android. I spent few years using it. Then came the time … Continue reading Time indeed is money!